SIAM is the Apex National Body representing Indian Automobile Industry

Statistical Services

1.SIAM Monthly Flash Report on production & Sales    Click here for Subscription

INR 38,500.00 + GST (Indian Subscribers) & USD 1,500 (Foreign Subscribers)

SIAM Statistical information provides a wealth of very useful information on the trends in the Automobile Industry. It covers all vehicle segments including Passenger Vehicles (Passenger Cars, Utility Vehicles & Vans),Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers.

Quarterly data available for Commercial Vehicles (Medium & Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles).

Currently the following information is compiled and provided every month:

  • Summary Report: Cumulative Production, Domestic Sales & Exports
  • Category & Company wise Summary Report (Monthly & YoY Growth)
  • Segment & Company wise Production, Domestic Sales & Exports Report (Monthly & Cumulative)
  • Sub-segment & Company wise Production, Domestic Sales & Exports Report (Monthly & Cumulative)
  • Market Share Analysis

The above information structure may change as decided from time to time. The usefulness of the statistical information is evident from the large users’ base of more than 500 contributory members both national and international.


2. SIAM Monthly Model wise data of Passenger Vehicles & Two Wheelers  Click here for Subscription

INR 33,000.00 +GST (Indian Subscribers) & USD 1,200 (Foreign Subscribers)

SIAM model wise data provides monthly model wise production, domestic sales and exports data of Passenger Vehicles (Passenger Cars, Utility Vehicles & Vans) & Two Wheelers (Scooters, Motorcycles & Mopeds). It also provides monthly top 10 sold models of each sub-segment of Passenger vehicles & Two Wheelers.

3. "SIAM Monthly Monitor-Commodity Prices” Information Content  Click here for Subscription

INR 22,000.00 +GST (Indian Subscribers) & USD 750 (Foreign Subscribers) 


"SIAM Monthly Monitor-Commodity Prices” is an initiative of the SIAM Sourcing Group which provides information on price trends of various commodities which are of relevance to the automobile industry.


The group of commodities include: Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, Polymers and Rubber. It also contains information on international prices of crude petroleum, banking & lending rates, foreign exchange rates and policy related developments.


The data sources are selected based on the advice of the industry experts, and Sourcing Heads of OEMs.


This endeavour is aimed at providing compilation of the price movement of the key commodities for strategic decision making and is not meant for influencing commercial transactions.


4. Quarterly state wise sales data of All Categories of Vehicles  Click here for Subscription

INR 49,500.00 +GST  (Indian Subscribers) & USD 2,000 (Foreign Subscribers) 


Quarterly state wise sales data provides company wise quarterly sales data of different categories of vehicles (Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Two & Three Wheelers) in different states on quarterly basis (1st quarter-April-June, 2nd quarter-July-September, 3rd Quarter-October-December, 4th quarter-January-March) in one financial year.