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  • Auto Industry Sales Performance of August 2021

    10/09/2021 | New Delhi

    Monthly Performance: August 2021


    Production: The total production of Passenger Vehicles*, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers and Quadricycle in the month of August 2021 was 19,84,676 units.


    Domestic Sales:


    • Passenger Vehicles* sales was 2,32,224 units in August 2021.
    • Three-wheeler sales was 23,210 units in August 2021.
    • Two-wheeler sales was 13,31,436 units in August 2021.


    Performance: April - August 2021


    Production: Total production of Passenger Vehicles**, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers and Quadricycle in April-August 2021 was 85,30,295 units.


    Domestic Sales:


    • Passenger Vehicles** sales was 11,42,938 units in April-August 2021
    • Three-wheeler sales was 65,474 units in April-August 2021
    • Two-wheeler sales was 49,89,144 units in April-August 2021


    Commenting on the August 2021 sales data, Mr Rajesh Menon, Director General, SIAM said "Indian Automobile Industry is reeling under pressure due to supply chain challenges. The global semi-conductor shortage continues and now it is having an acute impact on output across the auto industry. In addition, high commodity prices are increasing the cost of production. Against such strong headwinds, SIAM members are working hard to meet customers’ demand and expectations, while ensuring safety of its people across the value chain.


    Looking at the cumulative sales from April to August 2021, Passenger Vehicle segment is still below the level of 2016-17, Two-wheeler segment is still lower than the level of 2011-12, and Three-wheeler segment is behind by many years.


    Sales in August 2021, for Passenger Vehicle segment were around 2.32 lakh units, for Two-wheeler segment, around 13.31 lakh units and for Three-wheeler segment, around 23 thousand units in the domestic market.”


    * BMW, Mercedes, Tata Motors & Volvo Auto data is not available

    ** BMW, Mercedes & Volvo Auto data is not available, Tata Motors data is only available for Apr-Jun



    Rajesh Menon, Director General, SIAM