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  • Auto Industry Sales Performance of June 2021 & April-June 2021

    14/07/2021 | New Delhi

    Monthly Performance: June 2021

    Production: The total production of Passenger Vehicles*, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers and Quadricycle in the month of June 2021 was 1,693,639 units.

    Domestic Sales:

    i   Passenger Vehicles* sales was 231,633 units in June 2021.

    ii  Three-wheeler sales was 9,397 units in June 2021.

    iii  Two-wheeler sales was 1,055,777 units in June 2021.

    Quarterly Performance: April - June 2021

    Production: Total production of Passenger Vehicles**, Commercial Vehicles#, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers and Quadricycle in April-June 2021 was 4,583,510 units.

    Domestic Sales : April – June 2021:

    i   Passenger Vehicles** sales was 646,272 units.

    ii  Commercial Vehicles# sales was 105,800 units.

    iii Three-wheeler sales was 24,376 units.

    iv Two-wheeler sales was 2,403,591 units.

    Commenting on the June 2021 and Q1 FY22 data, Mr Kenichi Ayukawa, President, SIAM said, “In Quarter-1 this year, Indian Automobile Industry came forward to support the Government in its fight against Covid second wave. Many OEMs shut down their manufacturing plants to make oxygen available for medical purposes. They also contributed towards augmenting oxygen supply to hospitals, supporting health care facilities and helping local communities. Due to various lockdowns, many dealers could not operate, leading to subdued sales.

    Lately, with ease in restrictions, OEMs have carefully resumed operations in a phased manner. We are thankful to the Government for improving the rate of vaccination in the country, rolling out a fiscal stimulus package for the worst hit sectors and including wholesale and retail trades under MSMEs.

    Indian Automobile Industry is facing headwinds like steep increase in commodity prices, semi-conductor shortage, and fear of a third Covid wave. In such uncertain environment, the Industry is working hard to maximize production and sales while ensuring safety of our people and customers.”

    Commenting on the April – June 2021 data, Mr Rajesh Menon, Director General, SIAM said, “In Quarter-1 last year (FY 20-21), Indian Automobile Industry had very less sales because of the nation-wide lockdown induced by the first wave of the pandemic. This year too, in Quarter-1 (FY 21-22) sales were subdued due to the impact of Covid second wave.

    Sales of all segments were lower in past several years, barring Q1 of FY 20-21. Passenger vehicle segment registered sales of 6.46 lakh vehicles in this quarter, which is lowest in past 7 years, barring Q1 of FY 20-21. Sales of 1.06 lakh units for the Commercial Vehicle segment and 24.04 lakh units for the Two-Wheeler segment, were lowest in past 12 years, barring Q1 of FY 20-21. Three-wheeler segment was the worst-hit with sales of just about 24,000 units, which has been lowest in more than two decades, barring Q1 of FY 20-21.”


    * BMW, Mercedes, Tata Motors & Volvo Auto data is not available.

    ** BMW, Mercedes and Volvo Auto data is not available

    # Daimler & Scania data is not available



    Rajesh Menon, Director General, SIAM