Safety Tips

  • Monsoon Special Care Tips

    Monsoon Special Care Tips
    Mental preparedness:
    Enjoy Monsoon*
    Expect all unexpected*
    Cool mind is going to help you*
    Expect Traffic jams, Diversions, Potholes, Water logging*
    Anticipation level should be very high*
    Keep buffer in time management*
    Keep hard cash also- ATM may not be working*
      Vehicle checks
    Rust proof coating at bottom *
    Wax coating for body*
    Remove water plugs from bottom of a car*
    Apply some oil to the key and insert at all locks, Jacks-Tommy*
    Some Grease at door hinges, locks*
    Rust proof Tan Brown in color for the chromium plating*
    Servicing of Brakes*make brake liners and drums rough
    Rims should be rust free*
    Proper Tyre pressure check at mornings*
    Tyres should not be bald* 
    Check water level for wind shield sprays- add light shampoo*
    Keep Fuel tanks full-Density effect- top up at mornings*
    Check Wipers whether water is being  scraped from wind screen*
    Check for it’s different speeds*
    Be seen by others- Check Brake ,Reverse, Side Indicators lights*
    Retro reflective tapes are useful*
    Keep fast moving spares*
    Check Tool kit, Spare Tyre in the Boot*
    Plastic cover for documents*
    Keep drinking water, snacks  for delays*
    Keep a plastic bag for umbrellas*
    Mobile should be fully charged, keep charger*
    Better to cover vehicle by plastic sheets after parking*
    Check Fire Extinguisher validity
    Check First Aid Box
    A Hammer in Glow box for emergency glass breakage*
    Safety in Driving
    Twi light or during Rain put on tail light* Do not use hazard Flashers*
    Keep A/C flow  on wind shield*
    Use Defogger/Defroster /Demister*
    Adjust Head lights for visibility*
    Clean head lights, backlight covers at every interval* 
    Expect skidding problem, less Traction –
    because of mud, oil, tree leaves Pumping brakes will help*
    In hilly area keep yourself bit away from hill*
    Take more care at blind turnings*
    Centrifugal Force acts while turnings, gear down and then proceed*
    Momentum acts after braking, keep safe buffer in 2 vehicles-2 second rule*
    Remember Rule 1 1 1 ie if you travel at 1 KMPH then you travel 1 feet in one second*
    Keep 4 second distance between you and front vehicle- space management*
    Do not enter in water if silencer touches water level, 
    after getting out pump brakes to warm up liners*
    Follow front vehicle Tyres* 
    Rats ,snakes find rest underneath  Bonnet - Use Repellent*
    Drive at minus 10 i.e. lesser than the desired speed*
    Do not drive in heavy rains. Seek shelter*
    Expect Hydroplaning-front wheels get lifted, reduce speed immediately*
    Do not change lanes suddenly to avoid potholes*
    Maintain lane discipline
    Foggy weather- put on Head light in dipper condition*
    Operate front door glasses up and down - as wipers*
    Avoid road side junk food*
    Avoid Smoking while driving*
    Avoid Drinking and Driving*
    Avoid Mobile usage while driving*
    Avoid Road Rage, Coexist Peacefully on Roads


    Be calm, considerate and courteous.
    Avoid confrontation. If the fellow driver behaves aggressively do not respond by blowing horn, following too closely, cutting them off or applying brakes; give such drivers ample space.
    Don't take other driver's behaviour personally, he might have some reason to drive erratically
    If you commit any driving error, apologise by simply waving your hands.
    Do not follow too closely. Allow at least a three-second space between the vehicle ahead
    If you feel you are being followed too closely, signal and pull over to allow the other driver to go by.
    Do not make gestures that may offend others.
    If you encounter an aggressive driver or someone you feel is under the influence of alcohol then it is best to let him go and maintain a safe distance.
    Avoid getting into a competitive driving situation as competitive driving triggers off many road rage situations.
    In the eventuality of you being a target of road rage stay inside the vehicle. Do not get into physical confrontation or take the law in your hands.
    Remember driving is not contest. Hence, forget about winning.