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SIAM is the Apex National Body representing Indian Automobile Industry

10th SIAM Automotive Logistics Conclave

Venue : The Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba, New Delhi
Event Type :Seminars
Date : 09-Aug-2024   Time :1000 hrs – 1715 hrs

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SIAM represents leading vehicle manufacturers in India across all segments namely, Commercial vehicles, Passenger Vehicles, Two-Wheelers and Three Wheelers. The domestic industry grew by 12.5% in the last financial year, 2023-24. The Passenger Vehicle segment saw an 8.4% increase, and the Two-wheeler segment continued its improvement with a growth of over 13% in domestic sales. Given these positive trends and the increased demand for automotive logistics, it is essential to explore new ways to enhance efficiencies of logistics of the finish products which are shipped to different parts of the country.


In this regard, SIAM is organising the Annual Logistics Conclave themed on “Enhancing Efficiencies in Automotive Logistics,” an exclusive event dedicated to exploring the latest innovations and strategies in the automotive logistics sector. Join us as we gather industry leaders, experts, and visionaries to discuss and shape the future of automotive logistics. The program will be attended by all the Vehicle manufacturers, Logistic companies, experts on the field of logistics and State and Central Government officials.


The conclave is being scheduled as per the details given below:

  • Date    :   9th August 2024 (Friday)
  • Time   :   1000 hrs – 1715 hrs (followed by Dinner at 1900 hrs)
  • Venue :   The Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba, New Delhi 110 001

The Automotive Logistics Conclave is a premier event that brings together professionals, experts, and key stakeholders from the automotive and logistics sectors to discuss and explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field of automotive logistics.


Automotive Logistics Conclave is expected to cover the following:

  • Future of Automotive Logistics - Innovations Driving Logistics Efficiency Discover the cutting-edge innovations set to transform the automotive logistics landscape, enhancing efficiency and productivity across the board.
  • Smart Logistics Solutions Explore how smart technologies are revolutionizing logistics operations, enabling seamless, real-time management and optimization of supply chains.
  • Reducing Carbon Footprints by Enhancing Logistics Efficiency Engage in discussions on sustainable practices and strategies to reduce the environmental impact of logistics operations, contributing to a greener future.
  • Recognition of Logistic Service Providers - Celebrate the achievements of Logisitc industry leaders.


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