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Venue : IEML, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR
Event Type :Seminars
Date : 10-Feb-2020


At World’s Marquee Event!

The 15th edition of Asia’s largest and world’s second largest motor show, Auto Expo – The Motor Show 2020, is being organized by SIAM from 7th to 12th February 2020 at IEML, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Spread over 58 acres, showcasing tomorrow’s mobility, the Auto Expo sees international engagements from countries like China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Sweden, and the USA, along with participation from over 100 exhibitors unveiling more than 100 products and witnesses an incredible footfall of plus six lac people from all age groups, among others, all converging into a world class exhibition. 

On the occasion of the 15th Auto Expo – The Motor Show, SIAM is organizing an International Conference on ‘Recycling and Circular Economy in Automotive sector’ on 10th February 2020 to showcase the circularity of materials in automotive sector and establish a ‘cradle to cradle’ model aimed at eliminating waste through re- cycling and reuse of end-of-life vehicles. The objective of the conference is to highlight the continual utilization of resources replacing the traditional linear economy, which envisages a ‘Take, Make, Dispose’ model of pro- duction, which is in line with the draft National Resource Efficiency Policy 2019, ELV Guidelines and Recycling Guidelines issued by the Government of India.


Why Circularity in Automobiles?

In the wake of rapid urbanization, increased technology dependence and growing demand for affordable mo- bility solutions, the Indian Auto Sector sees itself amidst a scenario of mobility for tomorrow with sustainable forms of mobility are emerging as on one of the key dominating factors that would drive the whirlwind of shifts and fundamental transformations in this sector. 

The Indian automotive sector is highly environmentally conscious and has demonstrated a strong commitment towards reducing the environmental impact of production and use of vehicles and aims for achieving circularity in automotive sector – attaining a balance between economic and ecological imperatives. 


What the conference will focus on :

•  Government of India’s Policy on Vehicle & Scrap Recycling

•  Market Potential for Circular Economy & Recycling in India

•  Commercial Viability of Circular Economy, Battery Recycling & Vehicle Recycling in India

•  Circular economy in Developed Economies 

•  Technologies for Vehicle Recycling & adoption of circular economy

•  Tire Recycling Avenues


What’s more?

Delegates get an all-day pass for the duration of the Auto Expo, 10th Feb & onwards!!