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Pune Safe Intersections Project

Activity Period : 01 Dec 2021     |    Posted By : Ms Bhuvaneswari Jayaraman

Existing programmes / initiatives

Skoda Auto Volkswagen India has embarked on transforming two high fatality intersections in Pune into safe intersections, accessible for all. The project will be using Tactical Urbanism to address the problems on the two selected intersections. The projected impact of the interventions are:

  1. Reduce conflict between vulnerable road users (VRUs) such as cyclists, pedestrians, etc., and other motorised transport thereby preventing crashes.
  2. Reduce VRU exposure time while negotiating the intersection.
  3. Reduce crash related fatalities and serious injuries to zero during the period of intervention.
  4. Make recommendations to the State Government to implement TU project learnings to eliminate crash fatalities on the intersection permanently. 
  5. Organise public engagement activities to develop public support for the project and promote responsible road usage