Road Safety Awareness

SIAM with active participation from the respective State Government Departments, launched Road Safety awareness campaigns across the country.

The programmes comprised of seminars, exhibitions, training workshops, films and road shows. Through these programmes, we also showcased the expertise of Indian Institutes / Organisations working in the area of Road Safety.

One of the key objectives of these safety programmes is to create awareness on issues related to Road Safety amongst students and general masses. The students are told about safety rules and regulations through the use of audio-visual aids, interaction through quizzes and live demonstration were undertaken. Other events such as skits on road safety, and traffic drill were also organised to educate them on Road Safety.

Three Mass Awareness Programmes were organised by SAFE in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune with specific focus on Safety, Environment and Technology to promote safety and environment protection. These campaigns had active public participation and several stakeholders viz. Transport Department, Environment Department, Traffic Police, Research Institutes, NGOs, Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Municipal Corporation, and Automotive Component Manufacturers Association, apart from vehicle manufacturers supporting these initiatives.