Inspection & Maintenance

SAFE, since its inception, has focused on creating awareness among vehicles users about their responsibility for cleaner air and safer roads, by proper maintenance of vehicles.

SIAM & SAFE had organised I&M campaigns and emission clinics to check vehicles for pollution and issue of pollution under control certificate for compliant vehicles.

In order to ensure that the impact of the large vehicle population on the environment is not adverse, maintenance of vehicles is of vital importance. All motor vehicles have to get pollution under control (PUC) certificates once in three months or six months, depending on the specific requirement of the respective states.

Unfortunately this system had not triggered a maintenance culture. In fact, the system has been rendered virtually ineffective because of unscientific practices and the lack of any provision for regular checks and audits.

Recognizing the need for increasing awareness on periodic maintenance, SIAM & SAFE organised a series of free pollution check clinics for two wheelers and commercial vehicles and passenger cars in different cities in our country.

The objective was to encourage people to undertake periodic maintenance by making them aware of the money savings that accrue through reduced fuel consumption – besides of course, the reduced emission – when vehicles are maintained as prescribed. The programme had sought to leverage on this psychological appeal to spread the message. The Inspection & Maintenance (I&M) programme also sought to collect valuable data on vehicular emission and usage, which can be used to design a more comprehensive I&M Programme.