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09/01/2015New DelhiThreat of Excise Rollback in January Push Vehicle Sales in December 2014
09/12/2014New DelhiAuto Sales in November 2014 Improves in Most Segments
10/11/2014New DelhiAutomobile Sales Decline in October
13/10/2014New DelhiAutomobile Sales Yet to Stabilise
10/09/2014New DelhiAuto Industry on the road to a slow but sure recovery
08/08/2014New DelhiModerate Growth in Passenger Car Sales, While Commercial Vehicles Continue to Struggle
10/07/2014New DelhiBudget Focus on Infrastructure and Simplification in Taxation a Welcome Move
09/07/2014New DelhiImproved Sentiment and Speculative Purchases Fuel Auto Sales in June 2014
10/06/2014New DelhiExcise Duty Cuts Provide Some Succor to Auto Sales
09/05/2014New DelhiAuto Industry Begins 2014-15 with Declining Sales in Most Segments
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